When you think of Positive Impact, do you see it as a solo exercise or one that requires input and bringing together forward moving momentum with others?  It is very difficult to make a positive impact without the understanding of what is important to others, their values, their strengths, their desires, and their sense of purpose.  In order to understand what their input and perspectives are, requires taking a consultative approach.  This consultative approach takes more time and can feel counter-intuitive.  You may have an idea of the impact that you want to make, and you may feel so strongly about it that you do not want to modify it.  Perhaps, you may be overly identified with it as being yours.  Or possibly you want others involved but you’re not quite sure about how to go about it.

There are so many benefits to getting others input and creating alignment:

  • They may have ideas and perspective that you had not considered that could support progress
  • They may feel more aligned with the purpose that you are working towards and want to be part of it
  • You can create strong relationships to support each others’ positive impact all at the same time
  • You all learn from each other

What happens if you don’t take this consultative approach?

  • You may be seen as a lone wolf, somebody who wants to do this all by themselves
  • You may be seen as somebody that does not want support
  • You may potentially be seen as arrogant, inflexible, or superhuman with no need of assistance
  • You may not gain the momentum of impassioned people to co-create something that is meaningful for all
  • The impact you make may be temporary.  It may not garner the support and resources needed for it to be sustainable and amplifying

How do you consult?  Stay tuned for our upcoming PILProgram starting October 2021 or reach out for a complimentary Exploration Session.

Yours in making a Positive Impact,


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