3-Point Approach:

• Systems thinking

• Appreciative inquiry

• Values-based alignment


In today’s quickly changing times where innovation and collaboration are required to stay relevant, it is key to have a true way to engage people, a way that creates a win-win for the organization in terms of productivity, results, and ROI and for the individual in terms of meaning, fulfilment and compensation.

This only happens when organizations take values and strengths of their team members into consideration. This informs how the business acts in pursuit of its goals, how it recruits, develops, rewards, and promotes people, how it creates its processes, and how is sustains team productivity, collaboration, innovation, stakeholder relations, and ROI. According to Richard Barrett’s research, values-based organizations outperform companies on the S&P 500 as well as the Good to Great companies identified by Collins (Barrett, 2017).

Spark Success takes a 3-Point Approach – systems thinking, appreciative inquiry, and values-based alignment – to organizational culture initiatives.

First, with leadership, we clarify the goal.

From there, we use interviews, surveys, and/or assessments to understand the organization as it relates to the goal taking a birds-eye view of the organizational system and inter-related systems to identify key high-leverage changes that will create the desired shifts.

We analyse the results and provide recommendations, strategies and action plans to set the initiative for success. We also provide services to roll-out and act as advisor throughout the initiative.

Case Study

From Turbulent to Thriving:

From turbulent to thriving: Spark Success was approached by an organization that had an executive team that was experiencing a turbulent transition. The leader approached me for executive/leadership coaching. Through our coaching, the leader navigated the transition and established a solid team built on trust and set the organization up on a solid footing. The leader then brought me in to coach her with the executive as a team. 

Next, we worked towards creating a values-based organizational culture with team members of the entire organization. This amplified trust and increased engagement and collaboration. Subsequently, I conducted research there to amplify client engagement. From the research analysis, recommendations, and action plan, we have implemented new initiatives. Engagement has indeed amplified, the organization has become even more collaborative, and their client base has grown. Each new initiative is bases on systems thinking, appreciative inquiry and values-alignment to create a relevant, thriving, growth-oriented environment with sustained momentum.

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