"Jamie is able to build rapport and trust as she is an excellent listener who validates her understanding of the matter at hand. Once a matter is understood she adds value by encouraging development and growth for her client. She brings a vast toolkit of resources and information that she willingly shares. Basically she builds a safe environment for assisting individuals in strengthening resilience beyond their current individual capacity."

L. Reichert, Mentorship Facilitator




You bring all of yourself to all places.   You are an integrated whole. 



“I engaged Jamie as my Executive Coach for a period of approximately 6 months.  My goal in using Jamie was to develop my leadership skills, particularly those skills needed for me to effectively lead and motivate the management employees who reported to me.
Jamie was very engaged and very personable.  Our coaching sessions were free flowing conversations.  However, Jamie kept the sessions focused so that at the end of each session we had developed one or two specific strategies for me to use.  Each of these strategies was designed to bring about the needed change in my thinking and behavior for me to reach my goal.
At the end of my time with Jamie, I was a more contfident executive.  Those changes in my thinking and behavior developed during our coaching sessions allowed me to more confidently communicate and deal with employees.  As well, and most importantly, my job stress level decreased greatly.
I would highly recommend Jamie as an Executive Coach.”

M. Tait Executive Vice President T&T Properties



“We have had the privilege of working with Jamie over the last year to assist us personally and professionally.  We hired Jamie initially to help us sort out some issues we were having within our business and our business partnership.  
She successfully exceeded our expectations and within the first meeting with her we experienced progress.  She has a very soft demeanor, yet still manages to get her brilliance across in many dynamic forms.  She offers a lot of expertise and insight into many different areas from recognizing your staff’s personality types to assist in managing them more efficiently, to budgeting, or leasing and the list goes on.  
We first hired her for specific issues but in meeting with her a couple times soon found she was very helpful in many different areas.  
She helped us grow not only within our business but also personally.  The experience we had with Jamie was invaluable and we are very grateful to her.”

C. Bhon & T. Gramlich, Owners, Lather Salon



“We met 15 years ago and I have always admired your keen understanding of business.  Now, as a client, I truly value the combination of your business savvy and expertise as a Professional Coach and Wellness Educator.
Through our coaching journey we have created business plans, marketing strategies, and conquered HR hurdles.  You have coached, questioned and shared expertise to navigate the challenges of corporate politics, going back to college as an adult student, the lessons of a failed marriage and the death of a mentor.  
You also helped me create powerful healing affirmations that reduced my pain and increased the speed of recovery after a debilitating injury. You are a coach, a cheerleader and a safe place to bare the soul.
Thank you for sharing your expertise and experience in strategic business coaching and powerful personal development. You have truly made a positive difference in my life.”

S. Larson



“My time with Jamie was very helpful and productive. She is knowledgeable, insightful,  organized and focused, and she truly helped guide me through some sticking points holding me back.
I highly, and with great confidence, recommend Jamie for any business executive looking to take  themselves to the next level in their personal professional growth and to hone their leadership  skills and abilities.”

A. Marcil, Principal



“Jamie coached me through a year of career and personal change. She provided me with relevant  information and practical tools for me to understand my core values and to help me clarify the  questions I needed to answer in order to be confident in the choices I made. With Jamie’s coaching  I’ve transitioned my belief in the abundance of life from a theoretical knowing “it should be” to a  visceral ‘it is.” I’ve also learned that what I thought were weaknesses in my character are indeed my  greatest strengths.
Jamie has a compassionate yet pragmatic approach to coaching that emphasizes your command  of the coaching process. I am excited about my future and now feel confident and well equipped to  travel the rest of the adventure that is my life – whatever road I choose. I recommend Jamie. Thank  you.”

F. Norwood



“Jamie Anderson has a knack for making complex issues simpler to deal with.
She helped me to clarify my thoughts and asked the questions that were relevant to the situation  at hand. Her guidance helped me to unearth my own solutions.
As a business woman, I appreciated the accountability that her services offered, and I knew that  she was really listening when I discussed my concerns with her.  She is an excellent sounding board and I respected her feedback knowing that her suggestions  were valid and well thought out.
I would highly recommend Jamie Anderson to anyone seeking to achieve more from their career,  business or personal life.”

S. Beuckert



“I have pleasure working with Jamie Anderson as my business and professional coach. For the  past 9 months, she has given me tools, support and encouragement to define my core values,  layout my vision and begin to understand my needs.
If sailing a boat is a metaphor for our life’s journey, then Jamie’s coaching is helping me mend  the holes in my boat, re-evaluate my direction, create a vision for my journey that is truly based  on my needs and values and finally have the tools to set the sail that will capture the power of  the universe.”

S. Cutts, President





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