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Spark Success is a One Tree Planted Business Partner

At Spark Success, we work with executives and senior leaders who want to amplify their positive impact. The positive impact model includes contributing to a better world through organizational culture sustainability. While Spark Success makes a positive impact through coaching and organizational culture consulting – creating a ripple effect of positive impact that clients thereby create – I want to expand that impact to include contributions to the planet for myself and to model the way for others. 

barrett 5 p'sThere are 5Ps of sustainability – People Planet Prosperity Partnership Peace. Our programs – positive impact programs and coaching and culture consulting services – contribute to Peace and Partnership in various ways through supporting focus on what is important, creation of psychological safety, fostering of open and skilled communication, dialogue, and collaboration which then leads to innovation and solutions. Planet is where we are expanding our sustainability contribution next by partnering with One Tree Planted.

One Tree Planted is dedicated to making it easier for both individuals and businesses to give back to the environment, create a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, and help reforestation efforts for environmental conservation and restoration across the globe.

Reforestation is near and dear to my heart.  I grew up on Vancouver Island, where much of the economy was based on logging and reforestation. We hiked in the great outdoors there, surrounded by lush evergreens.

We would visit Cathedral Grove and Pacific Rim National Park to be in awe amongst the old growth rainforests. Now, in my life, in our desire to contribute to sustainability, my husband and I have added 12 trees to our city yard, a greenhouse, and various planters with vegetables and flowers. We have a mini ecosystem that attracts birds, bees and the occasional hare. In addition, the trees add oxygen and humidity in our air as well as privacy.

Why trees?

Air: Trees help to clean the air we breathe. 

Water: Trees play a key role in capturing rainwater and reducing the risk of natural disasters like floods and landslides. 

Biodiversity: A single tree can be home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants. 

Social Impact: From arborists to loggers and researchers, the job opportunities provided by the forestry industry are endless.

Health: The feeling of elation you get while walking through a calm, quiet forest helps reduce stress and anxiety, and allow us to reconnect with nature.

Climate: Trees help cool the planet by sucking in and storing harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide into their trunks, branches, and leaves – and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Why One Tree Planted?

There are more and more reforestationOne tree planted partner organizations to partner with. We chose One Tree Planted for a number of reasons:

  1. Values Alignment: Positive Impact, Collaboration, Sustainability
  2. Cost effectiveness: The cost to tree ratio is amazing with 1 tree planted for each USD donated
  3. Reach: Trees are planted all around the planet – over 47 countries across North America, South America, Africa, Europe, and the Pacific.
  4. Options: We get to choose which projects/geographies to donate to from many different choices around the planet
  5. Results: One Tree Planted has planted over 40 million trees since 2014. In 2021, they more than doubled their impact from 2020 – with 23.5 million trees.
  6. Simple and Accessible Donation: You can start by donating funds for 1 tree to be planted up to many with the click of a button
  7. Top ratings on a combination of Finance & Accountability, Impact & Results, and Leadership & Adaptability by Charity Navigator, plus a Platinum Seal for Transparency by GuideStar
  8. It is our way of creating a tangible positive ripple effect

Spark Success will plant one tree per month on behalf of each of our clients and five trees per month on behalf of our corporate clients.

As at September 1, 2022, having started donating in July, we have planted 50 trees on behalf of our clients around the world.

For these reasons, we are proud to be a Business Partner of OneTreePlanted! They make it easy for us to contribute to a better, sustainable planet in ways we could not do on our own. Together, we make a tangible difference!

… harnessing the passion of people to create organizational success!

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