Jamie Davidoff, Leadership Coach harnessing the passion of people to create organizational success
As an executive or senior leader of a dynamic organization, you understand the importance of rising above the distractions to create a positive impact for yourself, your teams, your organization, and the world. You’re in the right place!

Stop wasting your valuable energy and time on tasks that don’t align with your goals. Learn how to create an environment that aligns your team members, engages them, and builds their confidence to apply their strengths and capabilities. By doing so, you can focus on the bigger picture, strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, and inspiring innovation, all while navigating complex and rapidly changing times.

Jamie Davidoff, MCC, founder of Spark Success, has developed proven packages and programs to help you gain clarity, commit to focused action, enhance alignment and engagement of your team, create space for collaboration, and truly amplify the positive impact you desire as your organization grows and evolves.

Spark Success offers three powerful leadership programs, as well as executive and leadership coaching, to support you on your journey.

Leadership Coaching, Training, and Culture Services

Courageous Leadership

Courage is at the core of leadership. Set a strong foundation for your leadership by building the courage you need to be a thriving, values and purpose-based leader who can effectively navigate our complex and quickly changing times. Step into your leadership power.

Positive Impact Leadership

This tailored program supports leaders to gain clarity on values and purpose, engage and develop others, create space for the bigger picture, strategic thinking, and influence, and gain alignment of others to collaboratively create an amplified positive impact.

Organizational Culture

Using the powerful Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, I partner with you to assess your current and desired culture, provide recommendations building on strengths, and co-create an action plan. Options are available to support roll-out and implementation.


I offer tailored coaching that meets you where you’re at by partnering with you to maximize your potential, develop and engage your people, be more strategic and collaborate with stakeholders to achieve key objectives. 

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