bookTo explore the benefits of Spark Success coaching and which program is right for you, get in touch with Jamie to book a complimentary 30 minute session.


Success & Business


Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, leader, or owner of a business, become the confident, authentic, and strategic leader that your organization needs!  

Learn to move beyond operational details to create space and momentum for long-term success – for your organization and for yourself.



Success & Life


Live your life with greater confidence, courage and energy.  No matter where your starting point is, understand and embrace your personal strengths and passions to discover your unique path to a great life.






Success & Wellness


Health & wellness means different things to each of us.  Discover the unique factors that create a full and balanced, vibrant, and healthy life for you.  

Get the support to create your well life vision and move forward with it in a way that works for you.






Getting to the Heart of the Matter

"Special events, programs, and retreats provide environments to explore in a way that would not be possible on our own.  There is much wisdom that evolves from sharing and learning from the experience of each other.  We also see that we are not in it alone."view_events




I believe that working from a place that is meaningful for you is what creates the momentum, excitement and energy to move forward with courage.




Wholehearted business and individual coaching services from Jamie Davidoff can help you take vital steps to reclaim your power and be an active agent in designing the future you want for yourself and your business.


Spark Success Coaching provides a safe and supportive environment to:


  • Clarify who you are and your vision for a fulfilled life.
  • Identify and capitalize on your natural talents.
  • Practice living from who you are, rather than who you think you should be.
  • Confidently confront fears of change and innovation.
  • Learn how to create meaningful relationships and become engaged with those around you.
  • Approach your life with an open heart and belief in yourself.




"We all have a natural desire to succeed and live a fulfilled life;
how we make that happen for ourselves is not always clear."

Developing the courage to make changes and take risks - in your personal life or business life - requires earnest commitment, conscious decision-making and a belief in yourself that you can do it.

Jamie Davidoff - Spark Success Coaching - makes this path an easier one for you to find and to follow.

Jamie Davidoff has been providing essential, results-oriented coaching to business owners, corporate executives, and individuals since 2002. Her deep experience and training in coaching is surpassed only by her passion to help others grow the skills and confidence they need to realize what they want for themselves.





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