Jamie Davidoff, Leadership Coach harnessing the passion of people to create organizational success

Our mission is to empower you, as a leader, to grow in confidence, influence and impact, so that you and your teams can collaboratively create outstanding results and a thriving organization!


We work online and in-person with Leaders of Leaders and HR leaders in the corporate world, not-for-profits, and businesses.  From people in the role of CEO to those in or aspiring to senior organizational leadership roles (including business owners and partnerships), we meet you where you are at to create a pathway forward with new learning, relevant skills, and ways to apply them in life and leadership.  We support you to get out of the weeds, so that you can grow and develop your teams and broaden your impact to create outstanding results.

Leadership is not always easy.  We meet you where you at and create a customized solution with coaching, facilitation or consulting, relevant tools, and optional programs.

While we know what we could be doing as leaders, application is not as straightforward.  On top of this, our environment is continually changing.  Yet, if we do not continue to learn and grow ourselves and our teams and attend to our organizational culture, our organizations have a difficult time staying relevant in our current rapidly changing, complex environment.  These skills are learnable, observable, and measurable.

Timeless Core Leadership and Culture Services

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Spark Success provides tailored coaching to executives and leaders to maximize potential, develop, transform teams, and engage stakeholders to achieve key objectives.


Team Coaching

Team coaching supports teams to operate to their potential, work together productively and collaboratively, and integrate well across the organization to achieve common goals and vision.


Leadership Development Programs

Spark Success creates and delivers customized leadership development programs to create alignment, build capacity, and develop a common path to progress towards the common vision.


Values-Based Organizational Culture Initiatives

Using a unique 3-Point Approach, Spark Success provides organizational culture consulting that support organizations to engage people, increase productivity, and create results.


Dare to Lead™ Programs

Based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown, Dare to Lead™ is an empirically based courage-building program designed to be facilitated by organizational development professionals.


Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Jamie Davidoff speaks and develops workshops on current topics such as leadership trends, values-based leadership, and leading through uncertainty.


We support clients like you to:

1. Build courage skills

2. Lead from your values

3. Create alignment for your teams

4. Develop team/employee engagement

5. Develop your team

6. Expand influence and impact

7 .Delegate effectively

8. Provide meaningful and actionable feedback

9. Have more courageous conversations

10. Set the stage for creativity and innovation

11. Enhance communication skills, adapt your style

12. Amplify what is going well in your organizational culture

Timely Exclusive Introductory Offers


Increase your leadership clarity
Enhance your leadership
Create you road map to lead


Increase your capacity to handle challenges
Achieve peak performance
Achieve peace of mind

Spark Success takes a one-step-at-a-time approach with clients be they individuals, teams, or organizations. We take the time to get to know people and cultures up-front as this is critical to the success of any coaching or organizational culture initiative.

Our aim is to know you, understand what your goals are, and develop offerings to suit your needs. From individual coaching to group facilitation and training to assessments to combinations of all three, we meet you where you are at and support you to get to where you want to be.


Let’s connect!

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Jamie Davidoff, Leadership Coach harnessing the passion of people to create organizational success
Jamie Davidoff, Leadership Coach harnessing the passion of people to create organizational success

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