Although this time is chaotic and challenging for many, it is an amazing time for learning.  There is the saying that we learn from our experiences; however, it is in reflecting on our experiences that we learn. Following are three questions that you can use to support your reflection:

  1. What are you doing to process what is happening?
  2. How are you observing the new environment we are in? From there, what are your options to consider and try next?  What is your next step and what is the why, where, when and how of it? How will you include other people in this process?
  3. What are you grateful for?

Writing the answers to these questions can help us to organize our feelings and thoughts rather than leaving them to spin inside of us, where we cannot make sense of them and not get into action. Whether it’s a pad of paper or a fancy journal, take 5 minutes a day and try this out.  You might be surprised at the benefits.

When you make this a practice, you will also have a history of what you learned and how you handled change. This may provide a valuable storehouse of ideas for the future. We, as leaders, are navigating change at the best of times. During this unprecedented time of change, we have the opportunity to expand our agility, creativity and innovation.  When you look back at your reflections, you might find that you honed some amazing leadership skills to use in your leadership.

Yours in reflective learning,


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