When you think of the topic, Positive Impact Leadership, does it sound like leadership with rose-coloured glasses?  Positive Impact Leadership is much more gritty than you might imagine.  It is not a fluffy concept.  It is a solid and courageous way of leading that gets results while fulfilling people’s need to contribute in a meaningful way.

Positive Impact Leadership starts with the practiced values and purpose of the leaders.  It can come from one leader.  Ideally it originates at the senior leadership team level.  In larger organizations, it does not have to start there because impact can be made from various spots in the organizational system.

Based on years of experience and research, as Richard Barrett shares, “Values-driven organizations are the most successful organizations on the planet.”   “When you support employees in satisfying their needs (values), they respond with high levels of engagement and willingly commit their energies to the organization, bringing passion and creativity to their work.”  What is this success he speaks of?  High performance!

Barrett quotes findings from “Firms of Endearment:  How World-class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose” that outperformed (2002-2012) both the S&P 500 and James Collins’  Good to Great companies.  Firms of Endearment follow four tenets:  higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership, and conscious culture and management. 

Culture is key here and as Peter Drucker’s quote goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  Collectively practiced values are the behaviors that people in the organization demonstrate and which form the organization’s culture.  Consciously focusing on values, then, is how we can shift culture.  It can start with one person and the ripple effect of their “modeling the way” (Kouzes & Posner).

For more detailed information, see our Values-Based Organizational Culture information page:  https://sparksuccess.com/values-based-organizational-culture-vboc/

When you think about Positive Impact Leadership and being values and purpose driven, can you see how it is not at all Polly-Anne-ish and actually makes compelling business sense?

I’d love to talk to you more about how Positive Impact Leadership can result in happier, healthier teams, an aligned culture and overall increased company performance.  Book an exploration call with me here.

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