To make a positive impact, you must be clear on who you are, what’s important to you, and what unique type of positive impact you want to make.  This involves a process of firstly identifying and understanding your core values, how they work in combination, deeply understanding them, using them to inform your actions, purpose, and Unique Positive Impact.

Without Clarity

Without clarity, you may have a sense that there is something more for you, a yearning for making a bigger difference, or somewhat of an idea.  It may feel like you are not quite sure with crystal clear clarity about what that is.  It may be that something is missing such as skills or know-how.  There may be a lack of space, time or energy to focus on the positive impact you want to make.  You might feel that it could impact your relationships or other important areas of your life.

With Clarity

With clarity, you know who you are, what is important to you, and what your unique focus for positive impact is for you.  You know how to create energy and space to focus on it.  You start understanding what skills and know-how you need to enact your positive impact.  These may include strategic thinking, influencing, alignment, presenting, delegating for growth, providing meaningful feedback, letting go of parts of your roles that you may feel comfortable with but that are holding you back from your zone of positive impact.

Results of Clarity

In many cases when I work with clients, this Clarify step is our starting point.  Amazing things happen when people get this level of clarity.  Once their awareness and understanding of themselves is peaked as individuals and as leaders, they make a big shift from playing small to harnessing their inner passion, values, and strengths to play big!  They have been able to sustainably focus on what is meaningful and relevant.  Many have built stronger relationships, become more visible, been promoted and received multiple offers from other companies to join their teams for which they are at choice.

When you have clarity, you feel super focused, energized and clear about your direction.  The next step is to Commit to making your Unique Positive Impact.  This calls on you to own and lead your impact.  Stay tuned for our next blog post of which Commit is the topic.

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