From clarity to commitment

To make a positive impact, once you have crystal clear clarity on the positive impact you yearn to make, you must make a commitment to follow through on it.  This brings up opportunities and challenges.

What gets in the way of making a positive impact

It is natural for us to feel like we don’t have enough time, energy or ability for something more and put off new things until later or underplay the importance of pursuing, creating or amplifying our positive impact.  There is the opportunity to stretch outside of comfort zones to own and lead our positive impact and to do the things that enable making the bigger, unique difference that only you can bring.  Will you play it safe or will you take the risk to expand?  It’s already there waiting for you.  The choice is yours.

“Quote – All progress takes place outside of the comfort zone – Michael Bobak”

What happens without commitment

Without commitment, you may feel overwhelmed at adding yet another thing to your plate.  You may have concerns about the ability for you and your team to adapt to make this possible.  You may still be taking on a lot of work to ensure things get done “right” or so that your team does not feel burdened.  In addition, you may have a belief that you don’t have the energy or ability to start and sustain momentum.

What happens with commitment

With commitment, you take the steps to create time, space and energy to make your positive impact.  You practice your values, handle your limiting beliefs, and build your resilience.  You have a growth mindset, knowing that you can do whatever is required, one step at a time.  You are willing to let go of some things, enable your team to develop, and learn what you need to learn.  You build your leadership so that your team is engaged, reliable and productive.  As the saying goes, “If it were easy, anybody would do it.  It may not be easy, but it will be worthwhile.”

With commitment and as you create space, you then start being more strategic to draft out your initial plan.

Some of the skills to strengthen in this step are prioritization, energy management, self-care, respectful boundary setting, delegating for growth, providing meaningful feedback, and letting go of parts of your roles that you may feel comfortable with but that are holding you back from your zone of positive impact.

When clients Commit

In many cases when I work with clients, this commitment is a big step.  It is one thing to understand what we want to do.  It is another to actually do it.  Those courageous leaders that are willing to own and lead their unique positive impact are the ones that strengthen themselves through iterative experimentation, find ways to implement their unique positive impact, catalyze others, and make positive change and innovation.  They are those leaders who model the way for and inspire others.


Once the positive impact strategy is drafted, the next step is to Consult.  This calls on you to influence and align others, taking their input into consideration.  Stay tuned for our next blog post of which Consult is the topic.

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