Most people would say they want to make an impact, an impact that contributes to something that is important to them.  What is important to each person is unique.  Identifying and being aware of what is important to you and the impact that you want to make are the first steps towards actually making that type of impact.

Positive Impact

The positive impact that you want to make is based on your values and purpose, the things that are important to you, and the meaning that you wish to fulfill in your life and work.  For example, if results and achievement are important to you, you may focus on impacting things like goal setting, planning, being in action to get to meet the mark and influence others to do the same.  Alternatively, if harmony is important to you, you may first focus on building relationships and understanding with others and bringing them together as an integrated team.  Both lead to impact and results … in different ways and with different impacts.  There are many other examples, in unique combinations for each person.

Intentionally Create Your Positive Impact

The positive impact you want to be making can be quite different from the impact you are actually making.  Being intentional by understanding the gap between the impact you are making and the positive impact that you want to make can support you to create a strategy and a plan of how to create the positive impact that you truly want.  From there, it’s about getting into action with experimental, iterative and innovative steps.  To start, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What are my values?  What is my purpose?
  2. What positive impact do I want to make based on these values and purpose?
  3. What impact am I currently making?
  4. How will I shift from my current behaviors to new or refined behaviours to create the positive impact that I truly desire or amplify the impact I am already making?
  5. What positive impact do I see myself making throughout my life?

Amplify Your Positive Impact

These are a few thoughts to reflect on.  It can be helpful to have a trusted sounding board to work through these big questions.  The first step is being clear on your values.  We offer a complimentary Barrett Personal Values Assessment debrief session, creating clarity on your values and next steps for you to create your desired positive impact.  As a Certified Barrett Values Centre Consultant, Jamie Davidoff is able to bring deeper understanding to this simple yet insightful complimentary assessment to support you to take the next step towards amplifying your Positive Impact.

Contact us today to take and set a debrief of your Personal Value Assessment. Instructions will be provided.

Yours in Positive Impact,


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