In my prior post, I shared the idea that we get what we focus on and how the quality of that focus can affect our ability to lead with positive impact. So when difficult times are present, how do we focus on the positive aspects of situations, especially when things are constantly shifting around us? Focus can be tricky in these times.

When living in quickly changing times, there is often not a clear path forward.  Traditionally, we focus by having a vision, a place on the horizon line to aim for, and by setting goals, points to get to along the journey.  In stormy waters, this can feel like we’re not getting anywhere or like we’re lost at sea with no set course.

In changing times, when it’s harder to focus on goals, we can focus on purpose and values.  Purpose is our reason for being that we can actually orient ourselves to in our current moment in time.  Values are what is important to us and can support us to identify our purpose.  Practiced values show up as behaviours and are what move us towards fulfilling our purpose.

If you haven’t already identified your values and purpose, a good starting point is to do a values assessment. Once you have identified your core values, keep digging and explore the meaning of your values, what it feels like when you are living them and what happens when you’re not living them or when you are in a values conflict.  This can help you to define your purpose.  From there, identify what behaviours would support you to live your values more fully to support your purpose.

It can help to work through this identification and meaning making process with a coach that is trained in values work.  I am a Certified Barrett Values Centre Consultant.  I am privileged to see the wind fill the sails of my clients who do this work.  It brings their leadership to life.  Some clients then start doing this work with team members to help them understand their own values and to support them to fulfill those values through their work.  This heightens understanding, engagement, fulfilment, and productivity.

I’d love to talk with you more about your values, purpose and how they link with your ability to be a Positive Impact Leader. If you are feeling like you are stuck in the weeds right now and are having trouble navigating your leadership journey or feel unfocused, it may be time to seek support.

Book a complimentary call with me , to explore how coaching can support you to identify and live your values and purpose to make a positive impact in your world.

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