There is much talk about making our world on Earth a better place. For instance, the UN has published 17 Sustainable Development Goals with timelines. The Barrett Values Centre has categorized this into the 5Ps: People, Prosperity, Planet, Peace, and Partnership and we see countless organizations adopting initiatives such as B Corporations, environmentally friendly practices and sustainable options.

There are overarching goals to create a better physical and social environment. “Better” may mean different things to different people which creates a bit of a conundrum. It takes each one of us to contribute positively to move the needle from where we are to where we want the world to be.

There are many movies and TV shows about Earth requiring more resources and needing to gather them from elsewhere with an overall theme of sustainability very much at the forefront. With our population growth, it would seem that this may be a reality  in the not too distant future. With having been able to overcome many obstacles in the recent past, many may think we can overcome these looming challenges or that somebody else will figure it out. However, it starts with each one of us to search within ourselves to understand what our beliefs are and what, if anything, we want to do in our own way to make a difference.

One might say “Why would I do this when others are not doing it?”. One might say “What can  I do when billions of others are not able to. Isn’t this just the way it is? What impact can I make in this great big world?” Another idea might be “Why aren’t those with the bulk of the money doing more?”

It really comes down to our personal beliefs and values. When you look at your values, what are they telling you in relation to making a difference? When you look back at your life from a future date, how do you want to be able to answer this for yourself: What impact did I make? Will there be joy in your answer? Will there be regret? or something else?

Right here, right now, you can pause, get clear on your values and purpose, and act in alignment with them going forward. Is it easy to act in alignment with one’s values? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. It takes commitment and courage and sometimes support.

I invite you to reflect on the following question: What do you want to say when you look back, about the impact you made on your own fulfilment, on the lives of loved ones, and on the lives of others – your team, organization, clients, stakeholders? A positive ripple effect can be amplified from here and now, based on clarity, commitment, courage and choice.

If you would like to explore how coaching can support you to discover clarity around your values and purpose and get into action with them, book a complimentary, 30-minute, exploration call with me.

Yours in consciously creating positive impact,


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