Once your Positive Impact Leadership initiative is underway, it is likely to take on a life of its own. The reach of the initiative will expand.  More people will need to be involved.  This takes an ongoing collaborative effort, more relationship building with stakeholders, and agility as the speed of change increases.

This collaboration raises us to oversee from a higher level, navigating the increasingly complex dynamics, and listening to and adapting based on feedback loops from the systems at play with your area of positive impact.  This requires action, reflection on action, inquiry, and iterative and continuous adaptation and innovation.  It calls on you to be an advocate, leverage your connections, and see how all of the pieces are working together to create effective, valuable, and strong traction and momentum.

This takes us full circle with the Spark Success Positive Impact Leadership model:

  • continually clarifying and practicing your values
  • providing clarity of purpose and alignment with others
  • stepping away from ego
  • keeping yourself out of the weeds
  • taking care of your energy levels
  • harnessing the passions of your people and stakeholders
  • supporting others’ purpose and fulfilment through your purpose and fulfilment
  • making safe space for and being open to, fascinated with and building on others’ innovative ideas
  • impacting changes to processes and procedures to support efficient action
  • implementing those relevant and feasible ideas for expanded positive impact together

This is what it’s like to be a Positive Impact Leader.

What positive impact are you yearning to make?

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