Earning a promotion can be a fantastic affirmation of your hard work and efforts.  While it is exciting and uplifting, it can also be overwhelming.  Whether it is within the same organization or a move to another organization, there is much to learn – a new role, new responsibilities, new people to meet,  and new and often unclear expectations.  There is the pressure of getting up to speed with much change, while also feeling like you’re in the spotlight.  Often we put pressure on ourselves to prove ourselves worthy of the position.

When I coach people through a promotion, high performers who are often quite self-aware can have moments of stress, self-doubt, and an overabundance of learning.

In this type of transition, having your Coach as an ally can smooth the way.  Coaching can support you to:

  1. Gain perspective during change, focus on the bigger picture
  2. Keep your priorities clear and at the top of the list
  3. Optimize your self-care
  4. Reset your vision and goals, share your ideas, and address opportunities and challenges.
  5. Your Coach can be a sounding board to think aloud, gain more insight, deal with stress, organize your thoughts and find a practical path forward being strategic and prioritizing what will save you time and energy in the long run
  6. Assist you strategically, to get to know your people and new stakeholders and what is important to them, building relationships, collaborating, creating a strategic plan with the latest information (if you have not already done so) with input from others.
  7. Help you to create an action plan that supports the development of your teams, and, then, supports the implementation of the action plan.

Keep your trusted partners close.  They have your best interests at heart, will give your honest, respectful feedback, and support you through this fluid and somewhat ambiguous time. Remember that being a great leader means being able to self reflect on your development areas and where you may need an objective viewpoint.


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