What leadership challenges are keeping you up these days?  Thoughts about how to get people aligned, how to have direct conversations, how to keep stakeholder expectations handled, how to deal with a new change or challenge, how to get to the important elements of your role? Are you letting these thoughts lead you or are you able to recover from the thoughts and lead them?

Are your challenges leading you and you leading them?

If your leadership challenges are taking the reigns, you likely find yourself at the mercy of them, with them spinning in your head and draining you, getting you up in the middle of night or early in the morning, or taking much of your valuable time and energy.  If you are leading them, you catch them early, notice them, and decide what to do with them. You have the opportunity to shift sooner from the fear-based, survival mode, to the wisdom-based, sage part of your brain so that you can keep focused, energized and positive sooner and more often.

Ideas to support you shift challenges to actionable opportunities

How do you go about doing this?  There are many ways.  Here are some key solutions:

  1. Get them out of your head and on to paper so you can start some solid planning around them.
  2. Learn how to handle specific situations through reading, courses, or speaking with a mentor
  3. Work through them with your Coach
  4. Increase your mental fitness, the ability to catch, label, and shift from fear-based thinking to specific types of solutions-oriented thinking and action
  5. All of the above

Shift from negative to positive possibilities

Negative thoughts are normal. We are built to watch for trouble. At certain times, our wiring can keep us pushing on the fear button. We can learn to short circuit this and shift to something better sooner. That reduces the time spent in negative thinking and increases our ability to do something more positive.  What a relief!

Coaching can support you to get clarity, space and move forward with positive momentum

Let’s talk about how our 3-month Courageous Leadership Program or other programs can support you to better manage some of your leadership challenges  so that you can regain your time, energy and optimism to move forward positively, courageously and with success.

Yours in positivity,


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