Zone of Positive Impact?  Zone of Genius?  What are these?  Recently I read the book The Big Leap (Hendricks, 2009).  In this book, Hendricks shares about 4 zones:

  1. Zone of Incompetence – activities you’re not good at
  2. Zone of Competence – activities you’re competent at, but others can do them just as well
  3. Zone of Excellence – activities you do extremely well and where you’re comfortable
  4. Zone of Genius – a set of activities you’re uniquely suited to that draw on your special gifts and strengths.  This is also the zone in which we share our Positive Impact.

Zone of Excellence or Zone of Genius?

Quite often, people are content in their Zone of Excellence.  It is comfortable.  It does not require stretching and growing.  However, it can become dull and unfulfilling.  

On the other hand, the Zone of Genius is where you thrive and feel at great purpose.  It is a place where you are simultaneously living with abundance, success, and love – yes, all three.  It requires effort and also brings amazing rewards.  This is where we bring the best of ourselves and create amplified Positive Impact.

Upper Limiting Problem

So why is it that people might not want to be in the Zone of Genius?  Hendricks speaks of the Upper Limiting Problem based on common limiting beliefs.  People may feel it will be uncomfortable.  They may think it is selfish to focus on shining their own light.  They may feel it will separate them from others that they care about.  They may feel disloyal in doing so.

Shifting the Zone of Genius Where You can Amplify Positive Impact

The first step is to be aware of what zone you are in.  When you see the four descriptions at the top of this post, what zones do you operate in?  

  1. How much do you live in each zone as a percentage of your time? 
  2. What, if any, shift might you want to make?
  3. What would be possible for you if you shifted towards your Zone of Genius?

To shift, you can first look at for yourself:  

  1. What does it mean to live in my Zone of Genius?  
  2. What is that for me?  
  3. What would it feel like to be there more often?  
  4. What impact would this make for me and others?

Next, look at the beliefs that may be limiting you from shifting.  It can be inspiring to know that you can work on these beliefs and shift them to beliefs that are more freeing so that you can bring yourself and your Positive Impact to your world in a bigger way.  It can be helpful to have a trusted learning partner with whom to bounce ideas back and forth.  It can be insightful and empowering to work with a coach on clarifying your values, purpose, and desired Positive Impact as well as get into action with them.

Amplify Your Positive Impact

As a starting point, to dip your toe in the waters of Positive Impact, we offer a complimentary Barrett Personal Values Assessment debrief session and also an opportunity to explore what may be the next steps for you to create your desired impact.  As a Certified Barrett Values Centre Consultant, I am able to bring a deeper understanding to this simple yet insightful complimentary assessment to support you to take one step towards amplifying your Positive Impact.

Contact us today to take and set a debrief of your Personal Values Assessment. Instructions are provided.

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Hendricks, G. (2009). The big lead: Conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level. Toronto, ON: Harpers Collins Canada.