Jamie Davidoff speaks and develops workshops on current topics such as:

• Leadership Trends
• Values-Based Leadership
• Leading Through Uncertainty

A Signature Presentation

Six Leadership and Organizational Trends You Don’t Want to Ignore



These trends are being created as we have moved from the Industrial Age to the Knowledge Age. If you are having challenges in adapting, it is likely related to this shift.

Leading in the Knowledge Age requires new and innovative approaches and skills. The good news is that these approaches and skills can be applied to any organizational culture and leadership.

These trends impact all businesses – from big to small and across indus­tries.

In her signature presentation, Jamie sheds light on these trends and gives insights on how you can respond in effective ways, so that you can increase the engagement of your teams, optimize productivity, and reach your organizational goals.


In working with clients through leadership coaching, facilitation, consulting and creating values-based organizational culture, six trends stand out:

The pace of change has increased rapidly.

Artificial intelligence continues to evolve.

The workspace has gone through a restructuring.

Workspace stress is on the rise.

Millennials are the largest generation represented in the workforce today.

Organizations need to remain relevant to attract top talent. 


like you to take action in meaningful ways so that you can:

create clarity of purpose

increase collaboration among team members and across functions

expand innovation

increase the engagement of your people

build capacity and optimize productivity

develop, learn and grow through resilience

Jamie Davidoff, PCC, BCom, and MA Leadership is a certified coach, trainer and business leader. She has owned her own business for 18 years, and before that, she was the VP of a commercial real estate development company for 12 years. Because she has been a trusted resource to leaders and organizations for so many years, she understands the impact of current trends impacting you, your leadership and your organization.

Jamie Davidoff is on a mission to reveal these trends and communicate practical insights on how to effectively navigate them with you decision makers and your Executive Team. For more information on how to bring Jamie into your organization, contact concierge@sparksuccess.com.

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