Brand new leadership self assessment and session to:
Increase your leadership clarity
Enhance your leadership
Create your road map to lead during current times

We are delighted to be able to offer the new Barrett Leader Self-Assessment which provides a powerful one-to-one tool to support values-based leadership.

While getting feedback from your colleagues is important, there are times when this is not an option or where it does not fit your budget. However, with the new Barrett Leader Self-Assessment and debrief with Jamie Davidoff, Spark Success, a Certified Barrett Values Centre Consultant, you can discover your values, how your values drive your behaviours as a leader, and create a plan to apply your new awareness and learning in current times.


• A quick and effective way to help you, as a leader, deepen your understanding of what is important to you, your current strengths, and where you may want to focus next

• Provides clarity or a road map on how to lead, whether during a crisis or normal times

• A powerful coaching tool to determine the most important guiding principles for you, as a leader, and new directions to explore to enhance your leadership

Packages starting at $449 CAD plus GST.  This foundations package includes the assessment and report, a 1-hour virtual debrief session, and basic leadership development plan to execute on going forward.

Additional Leadership Coaching is available upon request.  Visit for additional options for you, your team and your organization.


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