Many executives and leaders are being called to travel again. Business is built on relationships. Relationships and trust are traditionally easier to build in person.

You are working through how you’re feeling about this as you are preparing for it and actually doing it. And, doing it, requires adaptation for you and your teams.

How do you handle this new change?

  1. Practice resilience by taking care of yourself – mind, body and spirit – good sleep, nutrition, movement, getting outdoors, making space for yourself
  2. Refocus on your values and purpose – remembering why this is important is key – for example, refresh connections, meet new people, build an investor base, build the brand for the organization, gain new opportunities, and partner with others. If you don’t feel it is important or right for you, negotiate how you meet the needs that travel is presumed to meet like virtual attendance, use your influence skills to create a win-win, or consider whether this is right for you or if there is somebody else that loves this and can do some of it on your behalf.
  3. If you decide to travel, do what you need to do for your travels to feel and be safe – what this is will vary from person to person.
  4. Review your key priorities and decide what needs to come off of your plate now that you will be travelling and attending in-person events again. Remember that travel involves preparation time, travel itself, potential jet lag, follow-up time, and catch-up time.
  5. Collaborate with your team about how to handle responsibilities you have taken on because you had more time in front of the computer screen that you will no longer have the time for. These may be perceived as development opportunities that people welcome rather than burdens they need to take on.
  6. Practice self-compassion as you go through this adaptation and support your team to do so also.

This is a big change. If you would like to explore how executive and leadership coaching can support you through such transitions for the benefit of you and your teams, book a complimentary exploration call with me here:

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