You’ve done values identification work for your culture. Now what?

Identifying organizational values can seem like a ‘nice-to-have’ and it is if you stop at the identification stage. However, enacting your organizational values is where they bring value for you, and your team, stakeholders and organization.

What are the rewards of making the effort to put those values into action?
– Higher retention
– Higher engagement
– Higher productivity
– Happier clients and stakeholders
– Higher referral rates
– Better culture to drive your business strategy

Creating an values-aligned team starts with you!

One client I worked with … was experiencing a turbulent transition.
The leader approached me for executive coaching. Through our coaching, the leader navigated the transition and established a solid team built on trust and set the organization up on a solid footing. The leader then brought me in to coach her with the executive as a team.

Next, we worked towards creating a values-based organizational culture with team members of the entire organization. This amplified trust and increased engagement and collaboration. Subsequently, I conducted research there to amplify client engagement. From the research analysis, recommendations, and action plan, we have implemented positive impact change.

They now have a thriving, solutions-oriented community that is highly aligned with their organizational values. Some of the positive changes include:
– increased innovation with multiple new initiatives generated through:
– increased time and energy and improved teamwork,
– productivity due to enhanced collaboration,
– an increase in client volume and satisfaction, and
– an organizational culture score of 81 in an industry where the average is 51 to name a few.

How do you do this?

– Start with yourself. What are your values? How are you acting on them? How would somebody who observed you, know that you have those values? What can you do to practice them more fully?

– Identify what values people see that are already being practiced. We use the BVC CTT for this. This gives you amazing insight into what your current culture is.

– Identify what values people would like to see practiced in your organization. Dig deeper to truly understand..

– Pick 1 or 2 values that are missing from the desired culture and work towards those.

– Create an action plan with your cultural champions. Support them to lead the way.

– Ensure there are processes in place to make it easier for people to enact the values.

– Recognize people for enacting the values. Highlight what is being done that aligns so that people can learn from each other.

– Reward the practice of values informally and through your performance process.

What type of organizational culture do you need to set your organization up for sustainability? How is your current culture working for you? Are your people thriving or are they burnt out, resentful, and feeling unvalued and depleted? There are ways to shift the trajectory.

It’s up to you!

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