Why would you want to bring more of you to life? Aren’t you already here?

Many people are living roles, trying to fit in, and bending over backwards. In essence, they are trying to be somebody they are not based on what they believe is acceptable, expected, or normal. Unfortunately, in the process, they lose a part of themselves. This occurs more often than not.

However, ironically, it is our uniqueness, talents and gifts wherein our strengths are found. We sometimes put these on the back burner in certain areas of our lives. The more of this we do, the more of ourselves and what is important to us we abandon.

We usually react in one of more of three ways: pleasing, pushing, or avoiding. Sometimes we use a little of each strategy. For instance, a pleaser may think that if they make it okay for others, that they will be okay and will succeed – success through compliance. While this may get a person a promotion or two or three or temporary peace in a relationship, it does not bring what we are looking for – stability, peace, thriving, the ability to be truly who we are in relationship. It brings a feeling of being trapped, exhausted from hustling for our worthiness, not feeling good enough because nothing is ever enough in that scenario. We may eventually avoid or push back.

Enough is only enough when we deem it to be. Enough is enough when we start feeling better about ourselves, who we are, what we value, and what we bring to the table, and when we offer what we truly have to give. This is also when we feel alive and at purpose – when we are contributing naturally, being who we naturally are, and honouring our values and, in turn, not leaning on somebody else or a career or a promotion to feel good about ourselves. Anything less than this creates energy drain, resentment, exhaustion, disengagement. Can you relate?

In life, sometimes it takes a wake up call or two to see the reality of our situations. Or … sometimes we are aware enough to nip it in the bud and set our course in a better direction before there is a crisis. Each of us is at various stages of our journeys knowing that there is something more whether it is for our own personal growth or for how we operate in interaction with others at home or at work. One person affects the whole. One person can make a big difference. Do you want to feel empowered, free to be yourself? Do you want make more of a genuine difference by bringing you to all areas of your life?