Be it at home or at work, do you wonder how your relationships could be better?  Do you feel safe and supported, and do you provide a safe space for others?  Do your relationships contribute to you and the other person both living more fulfilled lives – either personally or professionally?

Thriving relationships are those in which:

  • We feel free to be who we truly are.
  • We speak our truth.
  • We honour our values and the other person’s values.
  • We each ask for what we need.
  • We co-create an environment that brings out the best in us. The relationship enhances both individuals.
  • We do not bend ourselves over backwards to make things work.
  • We do not bottle up things that are bothering us. We address concerns and challenges in a productive way.
  • We learn from each other.

This takes:

  • A clear understanding of ourselves, who we are, what is important to us
  • An understanding of the other in the relationship and what is important to them
  • An understanding of the unique relationship and what you both mutually desire from it
  • Trust
  • Authenticity
  • Vulnerability
  • Communication skills
  • Presence
  • Gratitude

How does one develop what it takes?:

We all likely already have parts of what it takes.  Other areas can be learned.  The Daring Way TM curriculum and group experience goes a long ways towards examining and going deeper with understanding ourselves, ourselves in relationship to others, trust, vulnerability, worthiness, and more.  I and my colleague, Leona deVinne, have a Thriving Relationships workshop series coming up, starting Monday, September 14th, 2015, 7:00-9:00 pm.  For more information, call me at 403.209.5936 or click here for more information.

With gratitude,