The Reverse Generation Gap … How to Bring your Ideas to the Table a Younger C-Suite.

Hi, I’m Jamie Davidoff, founder, and CEO of Spark Success, where we work with leaders who want to make a positive impact on themselves, their teams, their organization, and the world.

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How to bring your ideas to the table with a younger C-Suite


For years, we have been hearing about the generation gap. Many times there has been finger-pointing of sorts at younger generations. On the flip side, some have seen the great strengths of each generation and honoured how to bring these collective strengths together to inform the aligned path forward. At the end of the day, we are all human beings with values and needs … none fully right or fully wrong. Rather than being divisive, we can be curious, learn from each other, and find ways to leverage each other’s strengths.


In recent times, I have heard about the emerging trend, particularly in tech, where the c-suite is represented by people from more recent generations. The challenge for leaders from less recent generations, then, is to find new ways of communicating their ideas in a way that can be heard, absorbed, and considered.


The reality is that many of the least recent generations are retiring or going into their own businesses. More recent generations are represented across all levels of organizations and around the globe.
We need new mindsets for working well together and this need will continue to grow.


Recognize each other as valued human beings. Age does not define us. We are each unique and bring important strengths, capabilities, and ideas to the bigger group. When we can see it this way, we can harness the energy and knowledge of all.

Be curious and ask questions to truly understand each other – values, strengths, styles, intentions, and dreams.

Find ways to honour these in each other and tap into them to find collective shared values and purpose, integrate collective strengths, adapt to styles, hold each other with positive intention, and work towards a shared purpose.

Do this on an ongoing basis. Build it into one-on-one meetings and team meetings.

Celebrate wins created through doing this.

Simple? No. Worthwhile? Yes.

The shift requires a mindset change – both tapping into your values and acknowledging that the way it’s always been isn’t necessarily the way forward. These may be difficult changes to move through unaided, and a coach could be a great tool to help you navigate the way forward if you find yourself feeling challenged working with different generations.

If you’d like to pursue a more detailed conversation about how to bridge the gaps and how coaching and values-based approaches can enhance your ability to accomplish this, consider setting up a complimentary exploration call with me.

If you have additional contributions to the topic, I’d love to hear your comments! Until next time, keep up the great work!