Last month, a client asked me if I had read the book called ‘Sticky Wisdom: How to Start a Creative Revolution at Work’ by ‘?WHATIF! The Innovation Company’. From the ideas that he shared with me, I was curious enough to purchase the book and have been reading it since. It is about creating an innovative and creative work environment by necessarily shaking our wiring and conditioning.

Using 6 concepts, we can shift the way we think about, look at, and absorb new ideas, have them heard or hear them, nurture them if we decide to move forward with them, and support putting them into action. These 6 concepts are:
1. Freshness
2. Greenhousing
3. Realness
4. Momentum
5. Signalling
6. Courage

I want to take a moment here to describe an idea from Greenhousing. For new ideas to grow, just as seedlings, they need a greenhouse to protect them from the rain and elements. SUN is the acronym used for Greenhousing:
S – Suspending judgment
U – Understanding
N – Nurturing

Our natural inclination is to RAIN on a new idea. In our effort to be efficient (called in the book, the Emergency Room (ER) environment), we go into automatic pilot and often judge and dismiss new ideas very quickly and without full awareness. RAIN means:
R – React
A – Assume
IN – Insist

I am now experimenting with this idea – to focus on being SUN-like. To break our own genetic tendency to quickly classify, filter, and file the information coming at us and, then, also hold space for the idea to be heard, understood, and considered is often more difficult than it seems. First, we have to be aware of our thoughts. Then, we have to be willing to do something new and different with what is being presented to us. AND, it is well worth doing in order to build a culture of openness, possibility, and innovation – things needed in our fast paced, quickly changing environments. … food for thought!

With intention,

Jamie Davidoff, BComm, Professional Certified Coach
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