Many times over the years I have heard the word ‘courage’. To me, courage is ’just doing what ya gotta do’ no matter how uncomfortable, no matter how uncertain. The things that are most challenging are those things that tend to help us learn and grow. So, regardless, there is going to be some sort of positive outcome.

Is it fun being courageous? No. Is it comfortable? No. Is it challenging? Yes. Does it bring opportunity to be who we are? Yes. Does it bring the possibility of a more fulfilling life? Yes.

Somebody once told me, ‘the failure is in not trying’. This can be true if not trying means sitting on the sidelines of our life and not stepping outside our comfort zone into the zone of possibility. To step outside our comfort zone does indeed take courage. To be courageous requires being vulnerable, knowing we’re not perfect, knowing the situation or goal is not sure.

The alternative? … holding back from moving forward, repeating patterns and habits, being stuck in the ‘same old, same old’ … and possibly a place that is painful, fearful, or mediocre.

To break free of that place is to be vulnerable, to step into the unknown and, at a minimum, to know that you tried. By doing so, you are already in a different space … taking charge of your life, daring, and empowering yourself.

Where do you want to take more charge and empower yourself to live a more fulfilling life?

In our upcoming workshop series, starting September 14th, 7-9 pm, Leona deVinne and I will co-facilitate “Creating Thriving Relationships, personally and professionally… it starts with you!” This is about bringing courage to relationships in a positive way. To learn more: click here or contact me at