In today’s quick changing times, it is more important than ever before to create flexible, resilient, and values-based organizational environments where people feel engaged, are productive, and bring fresh new ideas to the table.

Our services are geared for leaders who want to make a difference in creating individual, team and organizational success and results. They apply to all types of leaders be they business owners, corporate executives or leaders, or self-motivated individuals.

Our programs range from leadership coaching and development to building trust and synergy with teams to conscious organizational culture evolution initiatives. These all tie together. Taking a one-step at a time approach towards integrating these is recommended. Where we start depends on what you are looking for at this point in time.

I invite you to look through our programs and contact me to explore what is the best fit for you, your team and/or your organization.


Spark Success: Foundations Workshops

Phase 1 – 1 day – vision, mission, shared values and goals development (group or 1:1)
Phase 2 – 1 day – team engagement and organizational culture development
Phase 3 – 1 day – taking your organizational culture to the next level

Spark Success: Transformation Programs for Leaders, Business Owners, and Individuals

Spark Success Virtual Coaching Program – 6 month program
Spark Success ‘In Person’ Coaching Program – 6 month program
Spark Success Virtual VIP Program – 6 month program with ‘burst’ session (also applies to ‘In Person’ Coaching Package plus virtual ‘burst’ coaching)

Spark Success:

Spark Success Competencies Program: Engaged Leadership

• Expand your leadership knowledge, skill set and competencies
• Practice and implement people centred leadership
• Engage your team members and create alignment
• Influence team productivity and fulfilment
• Create the environment for creative and innovative solutions
• Overcome barriers to effective communication, delegation and feedback

Spark Success Collaboration Program: Productive Teams

• Learn to coach your team for alignment, productivity and innovation
• Provide 3rd party training and team coaching to your team for them to learn and apply engagement competencies
• Provide a sustainable forum and environment for your team to create and implement together
• Create a collaborative culture where people openly share and build upon best practices for team engagement
• Influence the teams that you interact with and have your team work seamlessly with other teams to produce cohesive outcomes and experiences for customers/clients

Spark Success Corporate Culture Program: Customer-centric Organizational Culture

• Create compelling vision and mission and values
• Lead the way and demonstrate the behaviours that you would like your team to replicate
• Create an organization-wide culture that breaks down silo’s and gets your departments working together towards your desired vision
• Create systems and processes that make it easy for your team to do business with your customers
• Find ways to provide your team with flexibility to respond to customers in real time
• Develop recognition and reward initiatives to acknowledge and encourage the development and use of customer centred competencies
• Put systems in place to consistently and frequently take the temperature or your team and customer/client engagement and respond so that you delight your customer/clients and they bring more customers/clients to your organization
• Be strategic about how to gauge and nudge the complex systems in and outside of your organization

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