Self-less, Self-ish or Self-full?

The blog topic of 2 weeks ago was Living BIG.  Living BIG brings freedom.  It may also, especially if unfamiliar, bring up doubt and challenges.  We may feel selfish for doing something more for ourselves – like we are taking time away from our family and loved ones.  We may not feel worthy.  We may think we can do it all and keep adding to the list.  We may have beliefs around productive use of time and not put ourselves in that category.  “If I take time for myself, then I take away from somewhere else.”  These feelings can really crop of if we are a ‘care-for-others’ type or an achiever type.

A concept from Real Balance Global Wellness Systems, where I took my health and wellness coaching certification, is helpful here.  If you think of a continuum with ‘Self-less’ at the left side and ‘Self-ish’ at the right side, then where would you place yourself on that continuum?  Most people will over-rate how ‘Self-ish’ that they think they are.  If this is the case for you, how can you move yourself closer to the middle of the continuum?  The middle is called ‘Self-full’.  When we fill ourselves up by taking care of ourselves, we are ‘Self-full’.  When we are Self-full, we feel positive and energized and actually have something more sustainable to offer.

What step can you take to move towards the middle, to ‘Self-full’?

Answer this:  “If I don’t take time for myself, then ____________ (fill in the blank).”

Click here to request a copy of the self assessment called:  ‘Self Permission/Self Denial’ to see where you stand on allowing yourself to take care of yourself.

Yours in wellness,