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Join Master Coach Jamie Davidoff for a 1 hour, complimentary, Positive Impact Leadership Masterclass on Monday, November 22nd at noon MT!

If you’re a leader who wants to make a positive impact for yourself, your people, your organization and the world, yet you are unclear of your unique positive impact, caught in the weeds, not quite sure how to find the time and energy to be more visionary and strategic, articulate your vision and ideas or engage others, you are in the right place. 

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You have one or more of the following:

  • You know there is more for you but are not quite sure what that is.
  • You have a sense that there is more to your leadership than the transactional elements and goals and a desire to create more substance, collaboration, and momentum.
  • You know that, together, you and your organizational team can make great things happen and understand the importance of connecting through shared purpose and values.
  • You have a vision that is positive, creates value for all. involved, supports the organizational trajectory, and builds stronger stakeholder relationships.

Jamie will be honing in on the following topics that fall under our 4-step approach to creating your Positive Impact: 

  1. Identify your area of unique positive impact, 
  2. Be the CEO and thought-leader of this area,
  3. Generate enthusiasm, energy, and momentum for the impact you wish to make, and
  4. Enact the continual expansion of your contribution to the world.

Don’t wait until later in life to do this.  Start right now! 

Fulfill your potential and, in doing so, support others to do the same.

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About Jamie & Spark Success

I’m Jamie, a Leadership Coach and Organizational Culture Consultant at Spark Success. I coach, consult and facilitate.

As a prior executive in a commercial real estate development organization, I understand what it’s like to feel stuck in the weeds, perceive that there is not enough time or energy to sustainably pursue something more, not know quite where to start with getting my ideas out there, and not skillfully create the momentum with others to make amplified positive impact. Although it is possible to reach goals through pushing, it can be exhausting and ineffective.

As an international coach, I know how to support senior leaders to gain clarity, create space and energy for strategic thinking and creativity, and be in sustainable action, inspiring people around positive impact. I know the positive impact made when leaders get clear, commit, make the space, focus their energy on things that are important to them, build relationships and take a consultative approach to create alignment, and collaboratively amplify positive impact and innovate over time.

I’m committed to working collaboratively with clients to create the required momentum and energy to move forward with sustainable strategy and action.

I’ve created a 4-part framework to help you become a Positive Impact Leader and I am excited to invite you to join me for my free masterclass to learn more!

Jamie Davidoff, Executive and Leadership Coach

Join Master Coach Jamie Davidoff for a 1 hour, complimentary, Positive Impact Leadership Masterclass on Monday, November 22nd at noon MT!

We hired Jamie because were experiencing some challenges due to a negative work culture and were desiring to establish a values-based culture where everyone could thrive. We were experiencing challenges such as reduced productivity due to time and energy consumed in dealing with difficult situations, disengagement and lack of cohesiveness and collaboration. We hired Jamie hoping to achieve increased productivity, space and energy for forward-moving initiatives, and alignment of people for better teamwork.

What we enjoyed/valued most about working with her was that she was so insightful, knowledgeable, organized and positive in her approach. The results have been transformational.  We now have a thriving, solutions-oriented community that is highly aligned with our organizational values. Some of the positive changes include increased innovation with multiple new initiatives generated through increased time and energy and improved collaboration and teamwork, productivity due to collaboration and teamwork, an increase in client volume and satisfaction, and an organizational culture score of 81 in an industry where the average is 51 to name a few.

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