Did you know your emotions are contagious? When you are stable and optimistic, it has a positive impact on those around you.

Have you been experiencing mixed emotions during this time of unprecedented flux?  What about those around you?   At the same time people are waiting for things to change, others are embracing change. With this comes emotions.

As humans, we have what are called mirror neurons that support us to pick up on the feelings of others.  These are highly effective. If somebody says they are having a good day, we immediately pick up on whether or not that is the case.  If somebody is de-energized, it can impact our energy.  If we are very positive, we can support others to be more optimistic.

There is a trend of people waiting to get “back to normal”.  Change and flux are now more evident than they were previously because we are experiencing similar change around the world. Quickly evolving change was already happening; hence, the research and writings about complex adaptive systems, systems thinking, and continuous improvement.

When we focus on “when things get back to normal, then …”, we put ourselves in a holding pattern that is based on an unrealistic expectation.  This sets us up for disappointment.  When we instead focus on the here and now and acting on what is within our control, we feel empowered and take action where we can.  This is uplifting and forward moving.  We live our life in the moment with the best information available. This is how we navigate complex times where things are moving around us at lightning speed and when we don’t know exactly what the next step is.  When we don’t do this, we might feel stuck.

As an adaptive leader, we observe, ask questions, make sense as best we can, and take an informed step as an experiment.  We then reflect on what we did – What went well that we can build on?  What was tricky to address next time?  What support might we need to gain more perspective on what others are perceiving?  This puts us into and sustains action that feels inspiring and pulls us forward.  This positive feeling extends out to others.  As a Positive Impact Leader you model the way for others.  Your approach supports others to do the same.

Are you waiting for things to get back to normal or to the way things used to be?  Are you waiting to get to that light at the end of the tunnel?  What if you pictured that tunnel dissolving so that you can live in the light that is already present?

What about your team? Are they also craving “normality”? How can you better support them to live in today?

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Yours is possibility,


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