Welcome to the Complimentary Spark Success Leadership and Organizational Culture Quiz! The key to being an effective leader and a leader that impacts your organizational culture in a way that gets results is to create focus and clarity, build employee and customer engagement, and align your behaviours with the organization’s desired culture. This quick quiz will support you to determine where you are at on your leadership path as it relates to getting the results that you desire. It will also provide you with an idea of what might be the next step for you in expanding your leadership and creating an even more effective organizational culture. Your quiz results are completely confidential and are used only by me in tailoring my responses to be more relevant for you. Ready to get started? Enter your best email below and then answer all the questions (should only take 2-3 minutes). We will deliver customized information based on your answers directly to your email.

1. How focused are you on creating new ideas to engage your team?
2. How well do you understand what is important to your people and support them to align what is important to them to what is important to the organization?
3. To what degree do you build relationships with others within and outside of your organization?
4. How engaged are your teams in doing what it takes to work together productively?
5. How well are your team members meeting expectations?
6. How well do your teams provide a positive and seamless experience for your customers?
7. How consistently and frequently do your leaders communicate the vision and mission and exemplify the behaviours that will fulfill the vision?
8. How clearly is your organizational vision and mission communicated through relevant language and related key indicators that tie to individual accountabilities that execute on the vision?
9. How often is your team recognized and rewarded for behaviours that align with your desired organizational culture?
10. How frequently does your organization conduct customer surveys, team engagement surveys, and respond to the identified needs?


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