As leaders, we are in a position of leading ourselves, our families and our teams at a time of unprecedented change and related challenges.  As a number of clients have shared, this is when real leadership stands out. How can you lead your teams to be engaged, focused and productive during this time where many people are working virtually while balancing other roles?  

There are a number a ways you can create success as follow:

  1. Connect often.  Set weekly team meetings and one-on-one’s with your team and team members.  Have your team stay connected in between as well. Develop clear agendas, have open dialogue to develop solutions, ensure clear understanding, gain commitment, and document commitments to keep actions on track.
  2. Normalize that change and discomfort with it are normal and attend to their concerns.  
  3. Focus yourself and your team on what you can do and to adapt to the changing reality.  While anxiety is contagious so is courage (Brown, Dare to Lead, 2018).  By focusing on what we can do, we create confidence and courage with which to move forward.
  4. Be an inspiration.  Know and lead from your values.  Try out this free Personal Values Assessment from the Barrett Values Centre (it is quick to complete and will provide you directly with your personal values report):  How will you practice your top values as a leader?  Create action steps based on these.
  5. Acknowledge and recognize what is going well.  Inspire others to build on what is going well and to share wins so you can learn from and support each other in positive, uplifting ways.  In times of change, it is even more important to focus on the wins (Heath & Heath, Switch, 2010).

People are looking to you for clarity, direction, and support.  Implementing these tips will go a long way towards creating strong leadership in our current and future times.  

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