Whether we recognize it or not, we are making an impact.  What we do or not do, what we say or not say, what we think or not think, our attitudes, our beliefs … all of these things are projected into our day to day lives. Sometimes we project more of that than we think.

Have you ever had somebody reflect back to you what you said a week ago, a month ago, a year ago and how it stuck with and impacted them?  Who we are and how we show up matters because we are connected to others, and we all affect each other.

In order to make the impact that we desire, it is important to look at our intention.   Some tips:
1. First, look at ways you have or are currently impacting those with whom you come in contact.  Write them down.
2. Analyze these and see what the themes there are.
3. Evaluate:  “Is this the impact I want to be making?”  If not, how would you prefer to make an impact?  If yes, celebrate that you are in integrity – acting in alignment with your values.
4. Set a daily intention about the impact you want to make for the day.

To become an influence requires you to:
1. Be clear on what your values are.
2. Act in alignment with those values.
3. Put a stake in the ground about your values.  This is unique for each of us.  Each of us has something unique and of benefit to contribute to others.
4. Be visible about what your stake in the ground is.
5. Be consistent.

It takes knowing who you are, what you stand for, and pleasant persistence to be of more profound influence.  For me this is about empowering people to make a more positive and profound impact in the world, creating win-win situations, and standing strong for my values.
What is it for you?


Jamie Davidoff, BComm, PCC
… putting a stake in the ground for a more positive world.

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