It’s 2017.  You may have already set some goals or resolutions for the year.  How about intention, the reason for achieving the goals or resolutions?

Understanding the intention or the reason why you are setting your particular goals or resolutions is a key step.   In order for something to be compelling, it is important for us to know why we are working towards it.  Knowing the reasons and keeping them at top of mind gives us more motivation to continue the actions to support them.  If they are purely goals, then we are likely to drop them eventually.  They become a push or a ‘have to’ rather than a pull or a ‘want to do’.

Let’s say your professional goal is to increase your influence in your workplace.  What is the reason for doing so?  How do you want to be in doing so?  Is there an interesting idea that you have that you think will benefit the company and want to increase your chance at successfully communicating it, getting input and buy in for it, and eventually bringing it to fruition?

Let’s say your personal goal is to be fitter.  What is your reason for being fitter?  Is it to have more energy to do the things that you want to but feel you don’t have the endurance or strength for?  Is it to spend more time with your children or grandchildren and be able to keep up with them?  Is it to have a better long-term quality of life?  Is it to make that big hike that you’ve been thinking of?

Once you are clear your intention for your goal or resolution, keep that intention at top of mind using a picture or saying that is in your view and that you visualize each day.  Have action steps to seek whatever your intention is.  Act on and practice those steps until they become part of who you are.

With the intention and reason of your goal at top of mind, you are much more likely to succeed.

Happy 2017!  May your intention be realized.


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