Making change can be fleeting. Often people will take a course which is inspiring at the time and, then, the application of the learning from the course goes by the wayside when they get out of the course environment, back to their work and personal lives. We tend to go on the autopilot of our habits. As the saying goes, “Old habits die hard!” – Benjamin Franklin.

What is positive Intelligence and how can it help you to create new habits that stick? Habits live in the neuropathways of our brains. Because we are protective creatures, often the strongest neuropathways are those that were built to protect us. In many cases, however, these are over-used and become a hindrance. Likewise, where we have strong habits or patterns of behaviours, we have developed strong go-to neuropathways, so strong that they become automatic. When we can break these patterns, we can develop neuropathways in the areas of our brains that support empathy, curiosity, values-based behaviour, innovation and activation (Shirzad Chamine, 2012).

Getting to the root of these over-used pathways that hold us back can move us ahead in leaps and bounds, and free us up to enhance our careers, relationships and happiness – all in parallel. In the book, Positive Intelligence (PQ), Shirzad offers the metaphor of utilizing our PQ Operation System. This involves being aware of and understanding our Saboteurs (hindering thoughts and feelings), interrupting them, shifting to a more productive way of thinking and feeling, and using our Sage powers of empathize, explore, navigate, innovate and activate.

What’s different about this approach is that is gets to the baseline of the things holding us back as well as supports us to shift to a much more productive, focused, and joyful mode all while achieving our goals. What’s also different is that the tools required are all housed in a practical format through the PQ app which starts with a 6-week program and a 1-year access. The app with daily exercises (only 15/minutes a day broken into 5, 2-3 minute segments) puts the theory into practice … no learning in the classroom only to go back to life and shelve the information. This builds your PQ muscle over 6-weeks as the foundation and then provides the tool for a year beyond.

Are you ready to build your PQ muscles and start establishing new, purposeful habits that will enhance your career, relationships and happiness? Sign up for the Positive Intelligence Program today.


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