In speaking with my clients, they tell me that values are the foundation of their leadership.  When they are clear on their values, their values become the guideposts by which they operate in their lives.  If you are new to using values in alignment with your leadership practices, this article will help you identify, understand, and practice your values.

Firstly, you need to get clear about what you hold as your core values – identify them and then look at what they mean to you, what your underlying beliefs are, and how you do and do not practice your values.  A great starting point to identify your values is to take a values assessment.  The Barrett Values Centre has a complimentary Personal Value Assessment which sends you a resulting report.  The report provides you with an interpretation of your values and provides exercises to deepen your understanding and create a plan to practice your values more fully.

Secondly, consider how you practice your values in your role as a leader.  There are many ways that leaders use values to guide their way.  Following are some examples of how you can apply your values, to:

  1. Make decisions as an individual and with our team
  2. Navigate uncertainty
  3. Inform how you will go about reaching a goal, your actions
  4. Model the way for others by sharing your values
  5. Create respect and trust by walking the talk with your values
  6. Influence through knowing what you stand for and taking into account the values of others
  7. Understand team member values and support their motivation and alignment and inform feedback, delegation and conflict management
  8. Improve time and energy management through prioritization

Without values awareness, you can tend to feel pulled in different directions, move like a feather in the wind, and not achieve fulfilment, potential or positive impact.  People don’t know what to expect from you, what you stand for, and that you are a stable, safe mentor for them.  Your team is not as successful as it could otherwise be.

With values awareness and practice, you feel more certain with your direction, stand for what is important, and feel fulfilled and energized.  People know what to expect from you, trust you, and are willing to work with you.  Your team is engaged and motivated together.

Taking values from identification, definition and practice is not as easy as it sounds.  Practicing your values as a leader can take courage, planning, and solid communication skills.  We can all slip in and out of practicing our values for various reasons, and you can benefit from the support of a professional coach to find ways of integrating values into your life and leadership and practicing them consistently.  

Your first step in the values awareness process is to take the Barrett Personal Values Assessment mentioned above. This assessment will take approximately 10 minutes. As a Certified Barrett Values Centre Consultant, trained in the Barrett Assessments, I am currently offering, for a limited time, a complimentary 45 minute debrief of this assessment once you have completed it. This de-brief will delve into how these values can move your forward in your leadership journey.

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