Energy does not happen on its own.  We need to consciously fuel our body, mind and spirit to sustain healthy energy levels.  Having a routine of activities such as healthy eating, exercise, learning, a hobby, and mindfulness supports us in creating energy

Physical Level

On a physical level, I have often found it ironic that we must expend energy to gain energy. This is somewhat counterintuitive. If we are sedentary, we may feel lethargic rather than have excess energy.  When we are active, we have more sustained energy.  We still need down time but that downtime is often even better – for example, we may sleep better.

Mental Level

Mentally, it is helpful to learn something new, read a book, participate in a hobby.  Our brains are stimulated.  We have new things to think about, integrate, and contribute.  Have you ever noticed that if you are not learning, that you might be more fuzzy?  Again, like with our body, working our brain supports energy, renewal and inspiration.  It supports our positive attitude.

Spiritual/Emotional Level

Spiritually, living our purpose and values, practicing mindfulness or our faith, or connecting with nature feels replenishing.  It also creates space for creativity.  We feel at peace and we have space to dream.

For example …

For me, I have learned through the years about the importance of consistently handling my energy.  When I was younger, I would go, go, go, working long hours behind a desk.  I had an energy practice that was sporadic.  As I have gotten older, I realize the importance of being proactive with my health. I know I need to move or I will feel stiff, sore and lethargic.  I know I need to learn things to keep my mind active and to feel inspired.  I know I need to reflect on my purpose and values to create a positive impact and that I find that my creativity is fostered by mindfulness and meditation.  Does this sound like a lot?  It feels like a lot if I push myself to do these things.  When I remember the purpose of doing them, I am moved to action.

What are your energy practices?  How do you stay positive, inspired and energized?

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