Let’s get to the heart of your business, life, and health so that you may live authentically, courageously, and be fulfilled.  “We are all people.  We are all leaders.  We are in this together.”




Discover the benefits of hiring a coach…


Are you someone who wants to …

  • Be more authentic
  • Live a fulfilling life based on what is truly important to you
  • Live with courage, compassion, and connection
  • Pursue those things that you have not yet dared to try
  • Define and progress towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Increase your level of balance and freedom
  • Increase engagement, productivity and innovation
  • Create a positive environment where people feel safe, valued and connected
  • Live a high quality of life in all areas of life

Coaching can help you to…

  • Create a life from your strengths, values and passions
  • Transition from scarcity to wholehearted living
  • Increase awareness through simple, straight forward tools and assessments, and coaching
  • Create a clear definition of what you really want based on your passions and understand the true importance of those to you
  • Set a plan, unique to you, with key focus areas and action steps
  • Understand and obtain the resources you need to progress
  • Get into progressive action by taking a ‘one step at a time approach’, where you are ready, and build on your incremental successes
  • Deal with what may be holding you back, getting in your way, or distracting you
  • Acknowledge and celebrate your progress with you



To explore the benefits of Spark Success coaching and what works best for you, please take a few minutes to answer a few questions so I can understand how to best assist you.


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About Coaching   -   A Message from Jamie


I coach people to get from where they are to where they want to be, and am passionate about empowering people to create great lives by taking the steps to claim their inner wisdom and power, and be an active agent in designing the future that they desire in business, life, and health. 


You are the only  YOU  that there is.


By honouring your uniqueness, you bring so much to yourself, others, and the world.  When you discover what it is that you have been aching for, you can move forward to living that now and in the future … whether that is to find out what is missing for you, want to feel more vibrant, embark on an idea that you have had but have not dared try, or show up in a different way in your life, leadership, and business.  

Let’s get to the heart of your of your business, life, and health so that you may live authentically, courageously, and be fulfilled


      We are all people.  We are all leaders.  
      We are in this together.’

I compassionately challenge you to step into your unique YOU!




Through our coaching,
I will coach from the HEART:

  • Honour YOU and the WHO of you
  • Be Empathetic with YOU … you will truly be heard and I will earnestly seek to understand where you are coming from, what is happening for you, and where you want to be
  • Be Authentic with YOU – from my heart to yours
  • Co-create with you a realistic and practical vision, plan, strategy, focus areas, action steps, and support system especially unique to YOU to get you from here to where you yearn to be
  • Be a Truth-teller for YOU so you may come from a place of new awareness, clarity, curiousity, inspiration, and renewed inertia!


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