Have I All the Resources I Need?

In implementing changes in your life, do you have the resources you need?

Check these out:

1. Am I truly ready, willing, AND able right now to make these changes?

2. What people support me with these changes?

3. What more training/learning is required of me?

4. What people can help me with this?

5. What financial reserves would be helpful?

6. Do I have the space and time for this?

7. Do I want an objective party to help keep me accountable, to brainstorm with? Might I hire a Coach?

8. Do I have healing to do or family of origin concerns? Might I hire a Therapist?

9. What further equipment/tools do I need?

10. Anything else?

In considering making changes and pursuing something new, planning for the above goes along ways towards success.

Where are you at with these? Click here to share with me.