People who celebrate have more success.  Celebrating keeps us on track and motivated towards our goals.  When we acknowledge what we have done, we send a signal to ourselves that we are making progress.

Celebration is self-acknowledgment and recognition for successfully completing every small step. Completion is the triumphant achievement of our objective and our signal to proceed forward to the freshness of discovery. Here are some additional good reasons to celebrate more often (Tom Volker):

  • Celebration helps us stay in the present where our power is.
  • Celebration builds self-respect. Others treat us according to how we treat ourselves.
  • Celebration feeds our basic human need for self-love and self-acceptance.
  • Celebration is positive magnification. What we focus on expands.


Celebrating does not have to be something big.  Do, however, celebrate in a way that is satisfying to you and that honours your journey and your purpose for the journey, your values.

Enjoy and savour!

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