"Health & wellness means different things to each of us.  Discover the unique factors that create a full and balanced, vibrant, and healthy life for you.”

Get the support to create your well life vision and move forward with it in a way that works for you.




Any time is a good time to start down the path towards Health Optimization..


When it comes to health and wellness, I am an advocate of assisting people find their own unique factors that create a full and balanced, vibrant, and healthy life for them.

Wherever we are at on the spectrum of Illness to Wellness, we can make a choice to work further towards Wellness.

Often we do not think about our health in a focused way until we have a health issue or we become dissatisfied with how we feel, think or look.



Areas to consider with health and wellness encompass:

  • Career – business owner, leader, individual
  • Money – finances
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Personal Development/Growth
  • Significant Other/Romance
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Physical Environment




I am a Certified Health & Wellness Coach
and work with clients, One on One, to:

  1. Assist in discovering and co-creating your Well Life Vision
  2. Break down your vision into focus areas
  3. Co-create a strategy to move into action in those focus areas
  4. Take a step by step, experiential approach based on your level of readiness for each action step
  5. Assist you in being accountable for taking the steps to get to your  desired vision
  6. Help you to handle the potential blips along the way
  7. Acknowledge and celebrate your progress with you