"I believe that working from a place that is meaningful for you is what creates the momentum, excitement and energy to move forward with courage."




Coaching, training and facilitation for organizations and businesses
that want to set themselves up for long term success.


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Business Leadership Coaching

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Authentic Leadership

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Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, leader, or owner of a business, become the confident, authentic, and strategic leader that your organization needs! Learn to move beyond operational details to create space and momentum for long-term success – for your organization and for yourself.





For strategic planning, team building, values alignment and engagement, trust, and topics customized for your objectives.


"Developing the courage to make changes and take risks - in your personal life or business life - requires earnest commitment, conscious decision-making and a belief in yourself that you can do it.”

Jamie Davidoff - Spark Success Coaching - makes this path an easier one for you to find and to follow.




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Get to the Heart of your business


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Change the pulse of your business


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Pump it up business program:


Get to the Heart of your business


Busy business owners and leaders break free from overwhelm with a strategic, step by step approach.

They will learn about themselves, how to better communicate with and engage with their teams, effectively delegate, create accountability, and start to get free from the details of the business to focus on their strengths and passions to move it forward and live a great life.


Who is this for?

  • For entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and business owners or leaders of small to mid-sized businesses 6 weeks
  • SWOT Analysis – strengths, weakness, opportunities, and strengths
  • 1 Assessment - MBTI, DiSC, or EQi 2.0 Leader Assessment (360 degree assessment optional and with extra fee) - 1, 60 minute session
  • Development Plan with 3-4 Focus areas, action steps, support, accountabilities, planned celebrations
  • Coaching - 1, 90 minute session + 4, 40 minute sessions - to execute the development plan
  • Email/phone support in between


Change the pulse of your business


How are you or your leaders creating sustainable change within your business to create momentum and move forward productively and effectively?

Break free from the day to day details of the business, disorganization, and sub-optimal productivity through clear future planning, strategy, and action. Learn how to stop fighting fires and handling too many daily items, and redefine your role and life for yourself around your own true values and passions to be more energized, inspired and fulfilled.

In Adapting Your Business with Heart, owners, leaders and team members become clear on where the company is headed, what their roles are in achieving that vision, find more meaning and engagement in their work, and are more accountable and productive. People will be fulfilled in their work, and the business will be successful! … and you can work on your business and live a better quality of life!


Who is this for?

  • For entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and owners or leaders of small to mid-sized businesses
  • 6 months
            - 'In Depth Business Analysis'
            - Create and establish vision, mission, and values
            - Customized, actionable Development Plan
            - Values assessment and alignment
            - Role and expectations clarity, effective delegation, and meaningful feedback
            - Coaching - 3, 45 minute sessions per month


Pump it up business program:



Too many priorities, emails, calls, meetings, and interruptions? You know how critical it is for your company’s success to make change but you are already too busy.

This program takes care of you, your leadership team, and your employees. Your Coach supports you to get clarity, be strategic, and increase accountability so that you and your organization can gain momentum and growth with members of the team pulling in the same direction.

With a combination of training and coaching to apply the training, Jamie will ease your path to creating an engaged, productive and fulfilled team that will support you to create the organization you desire.


Who is this for?

  • For business owner, leadership team, supervisory team, and/or groups of individual contributors
  • 6 - 12 months
  • DiSC, MBTI, or PSCi (1/2 day)
            - Do assessment ahead of time
            - DiSC, MBTI, or PSCi group education and debrief
  • Vision, Strategy, & Alignment (1/2 day)
            - Share vision and strategic plan
            - Explore values and how individuals values align within the team and within the organization
            - Explore how to close the gap between values and expression of values and what can be done to further align them
  • Stages of Team Development (1/2 day)
            - Discover Tuckman’s extended stages of team development
            - Identify what stage the current team is at
            - Explore ways of moving the team along to progressive levels of performance
            - Explore topic of having meaningful conversations to address team development stages
  • Expectations Clarity, Accountability, and Effective Feedback (1/2 day)
            - Group – how do we agree to be together as a group – Team Charter
            - Leader/Supervisor/Individual
    • Learn how to clarify expectations and use deeper listening skills
    • Learn how to effectively delegate and build in accountabilty
    • How to give and request effective feedback
  • Above could be done as 4, ½ day sessions or 2, 1 day sessions or 1, 2 day session (pricing will vary accordingly)
  • Coaching with each participant - 2, 45 minute sessions/month over 6 – 12 months





Prime your business with a 1 day jump start.

Can't wait to get started?
Try this 1 day intensive program to set the foundation for and prime your business!

  • For entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and owners or leaders of small to mid-sized businesses
  • 6 hours plus lunch
  • 1-to-1 program
  • Covers the core training from ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS PROGRAM (6 month)
  • Includes an application to qualify
  • Includes pre-work
  • Includes 2 follow on, 45 minute coaching sessions within 60 days of the VIP Day



Certified to administer
many tools including:

  • MBTI (Myer Briggs Type Indicator) Personality Assessment
  • DiSC Behavioural Assessment
  • EQ-i 2.0, EQ-i Leadership, and EQ-i 360 (Emotional Intelligence) Assessments




Jamie's deep experience and training in coaching is surpassed only by her passion to help others grow the skills and confidence they need to realize what they want for themselves.






For entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, and owners and/or leaders of small to mid-sized businesses – to step in and show up in a new way or in new endeavours.


  • 90 Day Group Webinar; or
  • One on One Coaching



In this program, you will:

1. Learn to lead from a wholehearted perspective, show up authentically, walk your talk, live from your values and created trusted relationships.
2. Understand how to create an environment of courage, compassion and connection to foster engagement, growth and innovation for yourself and/or others.
3. Be an active agent in your own leadership and/or business.
4. Run your business from who you are rather than who you think you should be.
5. Let go of the fear of change and innovation.
6. Deepen your relationships with those around you.
7. Open the door for yourself and others (internal or external clients) to be engaged and fulfilled.



If you would like to explore the benefits of Business Leadership Development Coaching and which program is right for you, get in touch with me, Jamie Davidoff.


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