BUSINESS LEADERSHIP … in changing times

You’re the leader of a business or team. You know that your team or business could be running better and achieving improved outcomes. However, you’re busy or overwhelmed with all that you are handling, making the changes required to staying near the leading edge, and juggling many priorities. Change is your constant. Taking some time to step out of the day to day and consider the bigger picture can reap unexpected rewards: more focus, increased team engagement, innovation.

At least once a year, successful leaders need to:
1. Analyze where your business is today and where it makes sense to grow and develop it and your people;
2. Create or revisit your personal and professional vision, mission, and values;
3. Explore what you’re passionate about and bring that to your life, work, and business in a deeper way;
4. Examine what you are tolerating and need to let go of in order to soar;
5. Consider and learn new ways to engage your people;
6. Define where innovation (new ideas, new ways of being, new ways of doing things) will support the business or team; and
7. Create an actionable, step-by-step map to implement your renewed focus and plan.

In our increasingly changing environment, it is more important than ever to have clarity and focus to communicate your vision consistently, align with that vision, engage your people, and create an environment of innovation. The status quo leaves us in the dust. Renewed energy, a clear vision, and aligned focus pull us forward.


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August 17, 2015