Being Busy, What is that costing you as a leader?

Hi, I’m Jamie Davidoff, founder, and CEO of Spark Success, where we work with leaders who want to make a positive impact on themselves, their teams, their organization, and the world.

Today we are talking about…..

Being busy … and what that may be costing you as a leader

Most people who I work with are very busy senior leaders. They are running from meeting to meeting with teams, potential investors, and board members, and/or going to present at conferences or distant locations. Others are scrambling to source great people to bring in to support the success of their organization, dealing with engagement and retention, and trying to find more time to be strategic and creative. When it’s not specific tasks that are causing them to be busy, it can be a mindset that also causes a significant amount of busyness. I’ve seen leaders feeling lost or unequipped for their roles or trying to understand how to integrate teams when there are acquisitions, as well as those who feel fed up when the espoused values are not being upheld, and they find themselves l caught in the middle and out of integrity when the follow through is not what the stated expectations are.

All of this can make a person question whether their time is being spent in a productive and impactful way or if they are caught up in the weeds being too busy and not having the space to reflect, take a birds-eye view of the dynamics of the situation, and find simple solutions to complex challenges or opportunities. It creates time pressure, energy drains, and stress.

What kind of opportunities are at cost?

There are many opportunities lost when leaders are too busy. Here are some core costs:
– The opportunity to take a bigger picture perspective
– The opportunity to get to the root of a challenge and find a positive way forward
– The opportunity to collaborate with others to come up with a comprehensive path forward benefits all involved including    internal and external clients and stakeholders
– The opportunity to be creative and innovative
– The opportunity to flourish and have optimal well being
-The opportunity to spend valued time with loved ones

So what is the answer when you find yourself on the hamster wheel of busyness? It starts with acknowledging that you are spinning your wheels and that something has to change if you want to pull yourself forward to make a difference. Busy-ness always stems from a disconnect between your values and the values of those around you, so taking a program such as our Positive Impact Leadership coaching can help you to align your values amongst other things is a great place to start.

How can Positive Impact Leadership coaching help?

Support the leader to get clear on values and related, unique areas of positive impact.

Develop the leader so that they productively clear their space for increased strategic thinking and creative time as well as time to replenish and re-energize

Part of clearing the space is applying key leadership skills to grow and develop others to take to support their engagement, fulfillment, and productivity and to be able to delegate to them

Coach the leader to find ways of building a broader scope of connection, communication, and influence

Help the leader find ways to bring people together, collaborate, and iterative innovate on whatever they are working on together

If you are ready to look at how coaching can help you navigate your way through the terrain of being a positive impact leader, please reach out to me for a complimentary exploration call.

If you have additional contributions to the topic, I’d love to hear your comments! Until next time, keep up the great work!