As the year draws to completion, it’s a wonderful time to reflect.

As John Dewey shared,

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.”

So how, then, do we reflect? We find a time and place where it is peaceful, where there will be no interruptions. We bring a pen and paper with us … no digital technology.  We bring some things to nurture us, perhaps our favorite tea or coffee with a snack.  We sit comfortably and ask ourselves meaningful questions.  When we ask ourselves each question, we take time to pause and think through our responses, and we write.

To this purpose, I offer the following questions to support reflection on your year … ask yourself and note your answers (pick the ones that resonate with you:

1.  How did I serve my purpose?

2.  How did I live my values?

3.  How did I lead with my values?

4.  How did I adapt to the many changes of the year?

5.  How did I keep an open mind and use a growth mindset?

6.  How did I support others to harness their strengths, live their values, fulfill their potential, and be engaged and productive?

7.  How did I encourage others to collectively create success?

8.  How did I support the resilience of my team and other stakeholders?

9.  How did I harness my own strengths to progress with my own goals?

10.   How did I move the needle in fulfilling my own potential?

11.   What did I create this year that I feel good about?

12.   What did I learn to apply or try going forward next year?

Now that you have reflected, soak in all the goodness, all the learning, and celebrate your own growth, the growth of others you have impacted, and your positive impact!

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Yours is possibility,


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